About Us

We design, develop, and manufacture waste solutions products in Silicon Valley, California.


Power Knot’s mission is to provide safe and economically sound solutions for commercial, industrial, and military customers seeking to improve and to make a positive impact on their environment.

Our technologies are proven and available today, have been in reliable use for many years, and offer a payback period typically of less than two years.


Power Knot Headquarters

Power Knot LLC
2290 Ringwood Avenue
San Jose, CA 95131

Global Locations

Power Knot has locations around the world.

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Power Knot has two related businesses.

  1. LFC biodigester

    The LFC biodigester reduces the expense, inconvenience, and mess of disposing of food waste that would otherwise be hauled to a landfill where it would degrade into methane.

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  2. SRA Synthetic Refrigerant Additive

    The SRA Synthetic Refrigerant Additive improves energy efficiency, reduces operating expenses, and enhances reliability of air conditioning and refrigeration systems

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Our Story

January 2017

Power Knot launched its offices in the UK.

August 2016

Power Knot launched its offices in the UAE.

June 2016

Power Knot launched its offices in Australasia.

August 2014

LFC Bio-Digester Generation IV was introduced.

November 2009

Power Knot founded in Silicon Valley, California.