SBT bin tipper

The SBT-140 is a stainless steel bin tipper that can be safely used in kitchens and other places that demand cleanliness and hygiene.

The SBT-140 stainless steel bin tipper can be configured to handle American, European, and Australasian style of bins, up to 140 litre (35 gallons).

Features of the SBT-140 stainless steel bin tipper

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  • Fits through standard doorways
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Battery operated with a full week of operation in between charges
  • Lifts up to 70 kg (150 lb)
  • Can be configured to handle USA bins up to 35 gallon and European and Australasian bins up to 140 litre


  • Waterproof toggle switches
  • Available with a full cage with interlocking door
  • Waterproof charger incorporated
  • Cut off switch has removable key to prevent unauthorized use
  • Lifetime expectancy of 15 to 25 years
  • Emergency cut off switch
  • Typical lifting capacity on full charge: 17 tonne (37,000 lb), or about 700 lifts
  • 3 year warranty on parts except batteries

Although designed for depositing organic waste into the LFC-300 biodigester or the LFC-500 biodigester, the SBT bin tipper is not restricted to these applications.

Technical Specs

Technical Specs


All stainless steel (chassis, panels, wheels)

User Control

Waterproof toggle switches: on“off, up“down
(Both must be activated for tipper to operate)


Without bin: 800 × 1015 × 1630 mm (31 ½ × 40 × 64 in)
With bin: 800 × 1015 × 2560 mm (31 ½ × 40 × 101 in)

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