LFC biodigester with food going into the machine. On Site
Food Waste Solution
Industry leader of environmentally
friendly on site food waste digester.
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A side by side size comparison of three models of the LFC biodigester from Power Knot. The Perfect Biodigester for Your
Unique Needs and Facility
Wide range of aerobic biodigesters capable of
digesting 10–3000 kg of food waste per day.
Divert Food Waste from Landfill
and Meet Sustainability Goals
Save money, improve operations,
and reduce carbon footprint.
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All Power Knot products are designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA.


This environmentally friendly food waste digester machine is a cost-effective and responsible way to dispose of food waste. The LFC biodigester takes discarded food in a commercial environment and transforms it into grey water that is safe to send to water treatment facilities. The food waste digester machine uses a series of processes that include microorganisms to break down food and transform it into liquid. There are no remaining solids to be emptied from the machine. The LFC biodigester is currently on the seventh generation build.