Modern Food Waste Solutions. Designed, Developed, and Manufactured in America
LFC biodigester

The LFC biodigester is a fully enclosed automatic food waste digester that disposes of most food waste within 24 hours. The LFC biodigester is currently on the eighth generation build.
SBT bin tipper

The SBT-140 is a stainless steel bin tipper that can be safely used in kitchens and other places that demand cleanliness and hygiene.
WEP effluent system

The WEP-100 effluent system can be used in conjunction with the LFC biodigester to pump waste water in places without a grade level drain.
LFC Cloud

Lifetime access to real time data analytics for effective food waste management. Gain visibility into your organic waste stream to identify key areas of waste production, accurately forecast inventory demand, attain operational efficiency, and make data-informed decisions to achieve environmental directives. All this without installing an app!
WMX Water system

The WMX-20 water system is a fully automatic compact system that mixes hot and cold water and provides it at a constant temperature and pressure for an external device.
SBH lug cart

The SBH-180 lug cart is an industrial lug cart used to transport a variety of products in environments where stability, longevity, robustness, and reliability are critical.

Powerchips Green are used in LFC biodigesters as a medium to speed the digestion of the food waste placed in the machine. These chips are highly porous to create an environment where the microorganisms in the Powerzyme can rapidly reproduce to digest the organic material faster.
LFC Security Package

The LFC Security Package that can be ordered for LFC-50 to LFC-500 biodigesters. This updated option prevents unauthorized personnel from configuring, using, or tampering with the LFC biodigester. Six aspects of the LFC biodigester are modified with the security package option.