Press Release
Power Knot Releases LFC Security Package for Correctional Facilities

Power Knot LLC announced today that it has shipped the LFC-500 biodigester complete with the LFC Security Package to Stony Mountain Ins...
Power Knot Awarded Best Food Waste Management Solutions Designer & Manufacturer 2021

Power Knot LLC announced today that its Middle East division has been named as the Best Food Waste Management Solutions Designer & Manu...
Power Knot Launches Updated One Tonne Food Digester with a Built-in Bin Tipper

Power Knot LLC announced today that it has launched the updated LFC-1000 biodigester, a food digester with a daily capacity up to 3000 ...
Power Knot Launches Effluent Pump for Above Ground Wastewater Management

Power Knot LLC has launched the WEP: a new effluent pump system to help pump waste water when grade level drains are unable to.
Power Knot Launches the Smallest Industrial Grade Food Digester on the Market

Power Knot LLC has launched the smallest industrial grade food digester on the market, the LFC-25 biodigester. The LFC-25 biodigester i...
Power Knot Receives Additional Food Waste Digester Orders for University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Power Knot LLC has received additional orders for LFC® biodigesters to the University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL). The University took a...
Power Knot Fulfills Canadian Department of National Defense’s Order for Additional Food Waste Digesters

Power Knot LLC has fulfilled additional orders for LFC® biodigesters to Canada’s Department of National Defence, (Le ministère de l...
Power Knot Shortlisted for the Global Innovation Award!

Power Knot is shortlisted for the Global Innovation Award for our products that help companies become environmentally friendly.
Power Knot Opens New Facility to Ramp Up Production of Stainless-Steel Waste Food Biodigesters

Power Knot has opened a new 25,000-square-foot facility that significantly expands the company’s manufacturing. The new facility, loc...
Power Knot Receives Restaurateurs’ Choice Award for Environmental Good

The LFC® biodigester from Power Knot has been recognized as next-generation technology that helps restaurants implement eco-friendly p...
Power Knot Teams with NOCHI to Foster Sustainable Food Waste Management with Budding Chefs

Faculty at the New Orleans Culinary & Hospitality Institute (NOCHI) has introduced the Power Knot LFC® biodigester as part of its curr...
Comer Homes Installs Power Knot Waste Food biodigesters in Latest Luxury Residential Development

Residents at the new Royal Winchester House apartment building will recycle all their waste food onsite, dramatically lowering the carb...