Digest food waste on site in 24 hours with no odor or noise. Simplified and streamlined organic waste management with the LFC biodigester.

Outsourcing Waste Management Services
  • Deal with multiple parties for waste management

  • Varied prices offered for different services

Resource Allocation
  • Require staff to coordinate with waste management services

  • Staff still must carry heavy trash to bins

Onsite Waste Management

  • Reduce waste handling and management costs by removing the middleman
  • Decrease use of garbage bins

Reduced Carbon Footprint

  • Divert organic waste from landfill or ocean
  • Convert food waste to water that can enrich landscapes

Simple and Easy Use

  • Easy to train staff and existing personnel to use

Multiple Sizes

  • 10 different models sizes to choose from
  • Land and sea models available

Case Studies

Case study
Marco Polo aged care services removes 50 kg of food waste per day with LFC biodigester
Case study
JW Marriott Marquis Miami implements new green initiative against food waste
Case study
Toronto hospital uses biodigester to turn leftover food scraps into drain-safe grey water