The LFC biodigester helps businesses eliminate smells, mess, and pests from trash bins.

Sanitation Issues

Multiple touch points for waste handling leads to higher chances and opportunities for contamination

Overflowing bins

Unpredictable and seasonal changes in waste production can lead to inadequate space in trash bins and cause overflow issues

Odors and Smells

As organic waste decays over time, it turns into methane which causes strong smells

Pest Issues

Organic trash that is inadequately stored for long periods of time can attract pests and cause long term vermin issues

Onsite Waste Management

Streamline waste management from multiple touches to just one by utilizing in house machines

Constant Digestion

LFC biodigester continuously digests waste every day and reduces amount of space needed in trash bins

Odorless Operations

Quiet, odorless digestion of waste with no smells from output