Back in the UK – Power Knot is now back in the UK with a new business partnership, new products, and fully trained personnel ready to solve your food waste problems. Power Knot has been providing solutions to Britain since 2014 and our new distribution continues with solutions tailored to the UK market.

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Our Products

Manufactured in the USA.

The LFC® biodigester is a commercial aerobic biodigester that decomposes food wastes within 24 hours. Pair it with the SBT-140 stainless steel bin tipper which can handle American, European, and Australasian bins, up to 140 litre (35 gallons).

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Digest food waste on site in 24 hours with no odor or noise.

Cost Savings

Significantly reduce cost to dispose of and manage waste food.


Safely dispose of your waste without sending it to the landfill.


Eliminate smells, mess, and pests from your trash bins.


See statistics on usage, diagnostics, and service schedules with the LFC Cloud.



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