LFC Security Package

The LFC Security Package that can be ordered for LFC-50 to LFC-500 biodigesters. This updated option prevents unauthorized personnel from configuring, using, or tampering with the LFC biodigester. Six aspects of the LFC biodigester are modified with the security package option.

Tamper resistance perfect for prisons and correctional institutions, multi-tenant buildings, and food courts.
Door Lock

Door Lock


The lock prevents the biodigester door from being opened.

  • Key can be removed only when the door is in the locked position
  • Lock is on the top panel for smaller LFC biodigesters
  • Lock on top of the hinge box for larger LFC biodigesters
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Security Screws


All exposed screws are replaced with security head torx screws that cannot be removed without special tools.

  • Rounded edges on all machines
  • Screws cannot be removed or taken out
  • All visible screws are tightly seale
Security Screws
Screen Protection

Screen Protection


Access the LED touch screen with safeguards to prevent unauthorized access.

Smaller LFC biodigesters:

  • Touch screen is hidden behind hinged metal cover with lockbox
  • LED is always visible through a separate opening

Larger LFC biodigesters:

  • Touch screen is encased in an enhanced display box with shatterproof screen
  • Requires a key to open the display box
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