Municipalities, army, and governmental bodies are at the forefront of the environmental wave. Many food recycling laws start at a local level and the effects cascade up to state and federal levels. The LFC biodigester helps governmental bodies implement change and lead by example.

Enforced policies and laws
  • Penalties for leaving organic waste in trash

  • Large scale implentation

Resource Allocation
  • Time management to prioritize daily tasks

  • Reduce trucks entering secure areas

Onsite Waste Management and Technology

The LFC biodigester processes food waste onsite through aerobic digestion, a natural process utilizing a special mix of microorganisms, water, and oxygen. The food waste is converted to water that can be safely discharged to sewer lines thereby reducing trucking.

Waste Analytics for Data Informed Decisions

  • Real-time data analytics for tracking and understanding digestion rate.
  • Create reports for shareholder and and aggregate data for multiple machines.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

  • Divert organic waste from landfill and reduce emissions from trucks

Case Studies

Case study
US Army’s installs food waste digester to meet Net Zero strategy
Case study
Leading Climate Change in Chile at La Moneda Palace
Case study
Canadian Department of National Defense Targets Food Waste Reduction Initiative with Biodigesters