Business face an increasing demand for sustainable practices from stakeholders, customers, and local jurisdictions. Corporate campuses with full kitchen services also face increasing need for sustainable waste management practices to reduce costs. The LFC biodigester helps businesses achieve waste optimization with waste analytics to make data-informed decisions.

Costs based on weight of waste
  • Increasing prices for waste management

  • Need for sustainable solution

Movement towards Sustainability
  • Time management

  • Expectations of employees and customers

Onsite Waste Management and Technology

The LFC biodigester processes food waste onsite through aerobic digestion, a natural process utilizing a special mix of microorganisms, water, and oxygen. The food waste is converted to water that can be safely discharged to sewer lines or filtered to enrich landscape.

Alignment with Corporate Sustainability Goals

Align with ESG goals and promote waste conscious and environmentally friendly culture.

Achieving Waste Optimization with Data Informed Decisions

Real-time data analytics for tracking and understanding digestion rate. Create reports for shareholder and and aggregate data for multiple machines.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Divert organic waste from landfill and reduce greenhouse gases production.

Case study
TTI exceeds ESG goals with the LFC biodigester
Case study
Achieving zero waste goals at Bendix
Case study
Microsoft installs solar-powered LFC biodigester