Air Fayre eliminates in-flight food waste at LAX with the LFC biodigester

May 1, 2024

Gardena, CA — Air Fayre stands as a premier airline catering company, commanding a significant presence in both Southern California and Memphis, Tennessee. With a robust network encompassing 12 airline partners and a dedicated workforce exceeding 200 employees, the company consistently delivers an impressive 4.7 million meals across 54,000 catered flights.

In Southern California, particularly at the bustling hub of Los Angeles Airport (LAX), Air Fayre sets the standard for inflight food and beverage services. Their commitment to excellence recently extended to their waste management practices, where they sought to revolutionize their approach to handling post-consumer food waste.

In 2023, Air Fayre replaced a defunct biodigester with a Power Knot LFC-300 biodigester which digested over 14,000 lb  (6500 kg) of food waste in its first full month of operation.

Innovative air catering tactics

As a leader in innovative strategies and pricing, Air Fayre sought to find a solution that would help them simplify post-consumer food waste management. They didn’t agree with the traditional, antiquated method of utilizing a big container where food waste would collect only to be picked up once a week. Instead, they wanted to utilize a solution that would simplify management and accommodate all types of food waste typical of airline catering such as chicken, beef, bread, beans, fruit, etc. They determined that a food waste digester was the best onsite solution that would meet Air Fayre’s desire for easy, simple food waste management. 

The decision to transition to Power Knot stemmed from Air Fayre’s desire to upgrade their biodigester system.

When BioHitech went out of business and Air Fayre could no longer find support for the multitude of problems with the BioHitech machine, their search led them to find Power Knot. Air Fayre was impressed by Power Knot’s track record and positive testimonials and decided to invest in the LFC-300 biodigester, a cutting-edge technology designed to efficiently process food waste on-site.

Reliable support from Power Knot

The purchase and commissioning of the LFC-300 biodigester in September 2023 marked a significant step forward for Air Fayre in their quest for improved waste management practices.

“The reason why we went with Power Knot was because of the communication and service,” said the Facilities Manager of Air Fayre. “Any time we need spare parts or have questions, all we have to do is give them a call and it gets resolved.”

The facility manager’s endorsement of the LFC biodigester underscores its reputation for excellence, both in terms of machine quality and customer support.

Air Fayre has not only streamlined post-consumer food waste management but also set a new standard for efficiency and environmental responsibility in the airline catering industry. The successful implementation of the LFC biodigester underscores Air Fayre’s dedication to excellence, supported by their unwavering focus on customer service and satisfaction. As they continue to lead by example, Air Fayre’s journey serves as an inspiration for companies seeking to enhance operational efficiency while minimizing their environmental footprint.