Why Power Knot’s LFC biodigester is assembled in America

September 26, 2023

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Why Power Knot’s LFC biodigester is assembled in America

Manufacturing in the United States has its challenges, from high labor costs to shipping expenses and material sourcing complexities.

However, Power Knot firmly believes that building our products in America comes with significant advantages that ultimately benefit our customers.

Here’s a closer look at why Power Knot is proud to design, develop, and build the LFC biodigesters in America.

  1. Uncompromising Quality Control 

One of the primary reasons Power Knot assembles the LFC biodigesters in America is our commitment to quality control. While most components are globally sourced, the selection process ensures that only the highest-quality materials meet American standards. 

What sets Power Knot apart is that all the electronic assemblies — the heart of the LFC biodigester — are designed and assembled in Silicon Valley. In fact, the assembly facility is just 1 km (½ mile) from Power Knot’s headquarters.

Before any product leaves our facility, it undergoes a rigorous inspection process to guarantee top-notch performance and reliability.

  1. Unmatched Customer Support

Power Knot’s comprehensive approach extends beyond manufacturing; it encompasses everything from design to production. With an in-house team of experts that understands how each component interacts with one another, Power Knot can provide unmatched customer support. Any potential issues can be quickly identified and resolved, thanks to this deep knowledge of the product. 

In the event that a machine requires repair, customers can conveniently send it back to Power Knot’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, California. What’s more, Power Knot offers an impressive three-year conditional warranty, setting a standard that few aerobic digester manufacturers can match.

  1. Accurate lead times 

Power Knot has a large inventory of parts and machines which ensures that we ae not impacted by delays in sourcing items needed to build our products.

This ensures that customers receive their products as promised, and that we can supply spare parts quickly, without unexpected delays or broken commitments.

  1. Transparent shipping costs

All Power Knot products are shipped from California.

Customers can rest assured that they won’t receive surprise duty fees or heavy shipping costs. 

  1. Support for the American Economy 

Power Knot takes pride in being a California business that actively contributes to the American economy. With product design, development, and assembly all taking place at our headquarters in California, the company supports local workers and the broader American job market.

In response to the growing global demand for LFC biodigesters, Power Knot recently expanded its manufacturing facility, further strengthening its commitment to providing jobs in the local San Francisco Bay Area community.

Power Knot’s decision to assemble the LFC biodigesters in America isn’t just about displaying a label; it’s about ensuring the highest quality, providing exceptional customer support, delivering on promises, and contributing to the American economy.