Power Knot Receives Additional Orders for LFC biodigester from Dubai International Airport

June 21, 2022


“Capturing and diverting all forms of waste from landfills is a strategically important component of our waste management program.”

 Power Knot LLC, the market leader for on site organic waste management solutions announced today that it has received additional orders for LFC® biodigesters for the Dubai International Airport. Recent orders for machines add to orders shipped in 2021 and demonstrate the Dubai International airport’s commitment to Power Knot’s solutions.

Dubai Airport (DXB) has been using three LFC-300 biodigesters to reduce the organic waste going to landfills. Each LFC-300 biodigester is capable of digesting up to 900 kg of food waste per day. DXB is now kicking off a new waste management initiative that will bolster its commitment to prevent 60 per cent of all waste generated from the airport from entering landfills by the middle of 2023.

As part of that initiative, Power Knot’s partner, Bee’ah Tandeef, has announced that the use of Power Knot’s biodigesters is a great example of the innovation that will achieve the goal of eliminating food waste and achieve the targets for the diversion of waste.

“Bee’ah Group is committed to being Dubai Airports’ partner to create a range of innovative programmes to capture and find a useful purpose for all forms of waste in the most practical and impactful ways possible,” said Rafael Sanjurjo Lopez, chief executive of Beeah.

The LFC® biodigester is a machine that digests food waste. These machines are usually installed in a commercial kitchen and reduces the expense, inconvenience, mess, and carbon footprint of disposing of waste food that would otherwise be hauled to a landfill. Power Knot has eight different sizes that digest from 10 kg (20 lb) per day to 3000 kg (6600 lb) per day of waste food. 

“Capturing and diverting all forms of waste from landfills is a strategically important component of our waste management programme,” said Jamal Zaal, Vice President of Safety and Sustainability at Dubai Airports. “While airport operations contribute a very small percentage of the overall waste generated at DXB, we are working in close partnership with airlines, F&B facilities, and all other partners across the airport to make a unified commitment to achieving and surpassing our 60 per cent waste reduction objective.”

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