LFC biodigester from Power Knot Awarded Most Innovative Eco-Friendly Waste Food Disposal Solution

February 23, 2023

FREMONT, CA — Power Knot LLC, the market leader for onsite Power Knot LLC, the market leader for onsite organic waste management solutions, announced today that its Middle East division has won the Most Innovative Eco-Friendly Waste Food Disposal Solution (MEA): LFC® biodigester.

This is one of the MEA Business Awards 2022 presented by MEA Markets.

MEA Markets is a quarterly publication dedicated to researching and publicizing the major moves and events as they happen across the entire Middle East & Africa region. Their team comprises highly trained and committed journalists, contributors, researchers, and worldwide industry insiders.

“We are proud to be recognized as one of the top environmental solutions in the Middle East,” said Iain Milnes, President of Power Knot. “Based on recorded and known data, the LFC biodigester has helped digest over 7.6 million kg of waste in 2022.”

The LFC® biodigester is a machine that digests food waste. These machines are usually installed in a commercial kitchen and reduces the expense, inconvenience, mess, and carbon footprint of disposing of waste food that would otherwise be hauled to a landfill. 

Power Knot Middle East has installations throughout the GCC region with many major hotels, shopping malls, and food service companies. “As the premiere supplier of biodigesters in the region, we are proud of our reputation to supply products that have a well earned reputation for quality and reliability,” said Shakeel Ahmed, president of Power Knot Middle East, based in Dubai. “This award amplifies our high level of service to our customers,” he added.

All LFC biodigesters automatically connect to the LFC Cloud, Power Knot’s revolutionary continuous data analytics system. The LFC Cloud shows statistics on usage, diagnostics, and service schedules, and can be accessed from any device anywhere in the world without installing an app. All data that is available on the LFC touch screen is sent to the LFC Cloud where a user can easily create reports for stakeholders. 

About Power Knot

Power Knot provides safe and economically sound solutions for commercial, industrial, and military customers globally seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. Our technologies are proven, available today, have been in reliable use for many years, and offer a payback period typically of less than two years. We design, develop, and manufacture our products in our headquarters in Silicon Valley, California. 

For more information, access www.powerknot.com.