Best Eco-Friendly Waste Food Disposal Solution (MEA): LFC biodigester

February 26, 2024

Published by MEA Markets

Designed, developed, and assembled in the USA, Power Knot’s multi-award-winning food waste management system is renowned globally for helping to change businesses for the better. With nine different sizes available that can digest from 9 kg to 6,600 kg of food waste per day, the company’s well-established track record with the solution highlights its safety, reliability, and cost-effective nature. There are three notable case studies that truly highlight the effectiveness of the LFC biodigester in settings across the Middle East.

The first of these involves the company’s implementation of the technology at H Dubai, a luxury five-star hotel situated in the very heart of the city, that this innovative solution helped to attain Green Key Certification in January 2023. Since this luxury hotel comprises 230 rooms and suites, 11 dining outlets, and a nightclub, it garners a considerable amount of waste, something previously at odds with its view that environmental impact is a cornerstone of its core business functions.

However, since installing Power Knot’s LFC-100 biodigester, the hotel has significantly improved its food management and waste disposal. It was late in October 2022 when the biodigester was first installed, and just over three months later, news of the Green Key Certification from the Emirates Green Building Council came through. Impressively, in a little over two months, the machine had digested a whopping 1,830 kg of food waste, resulting in a total of just under four tonnes of carbon emissions being diverted from the atmosphere.

In a similar vein, Anantara Palm Dubai Resort’s 294 rooms and seven restaurants and bars make it a hub for waste, while its sister hotel, Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort, holds the proud title of being the only hotel in the country to offer over-water villas. This makes traditional waste management services either incredibly costly and time-consuming, or not possible at all. In the back half of 2022, Power Knot’s exemplary LFC-500 biodigesters were installed in both of these hotels. As a result, Anantara World Islands now no longer needs to hire barge ships to carry its waste back to the mainland, a method that was not sustainable in the long-term and incurred a substantial cost.

The effectiveness of the technology in significantly reducing both cost and environmental threats is primarily due to the unique microorganisms in the machine, which digest waste and turn it into grey water. The grey water is then filtered through the hotel’s sewage treatment plant system and reused in the watering of plants in the immediate landscape. It is thanks to such methods that both Anantara hotels received the coveted Green Key Certification last year, given for their implementation of this waste management method within an existing circular economy solution. Further streamlining is planned, with the teams at both hotels seeking to install solar panels to operate the machine, taking after Microsoft Dubai.

Finally, the concluding case study revolves around IKEA Jebel Ali. At 35,000 square meters (377,000 ft²) this is one of the largest stores the chain owns in the UAE. IKEA has made significant leaps in demonstrating its commitment to sound environmental customs by leveraging Power Knot’s LFC-300 biodigester. An endeavour undertaken with a sister store in the country’s capital of Abu Dhabi, the biodigester has been integrated expertly across the many elements that make up these stores, from the bakery and café through to play area and warehouse. Combined, more than 66 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalency has been diverted from our atmosphere in a little over two months.

Since IKEA is a trailblazer on the world stage, seeing it adopt such a positive and proactive approach is sure to pave the way for other organisations to do the same at their facilities across the globe. Of course, the common thread linking all of this is Power Knot’s superb range of LFC biodigesters, which have demonstrable results through an all-in-one organic waste management system that is not only kind to the planet, but an incredibly cost-effective solution.

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