LFC Cloud

Lifetime access to real time data analytics for effective food waste management. Gain visibility into your organic waste stream to identify key areas of waste production, accurately forecast inventory demand, attain operational efficiency, and make data-informed decisions to achieve environmental directives. All this without installing an app!

Track real time data on the amount of organic waste and greenhouse gas you're diverting from the landfill.
Current customers can access the LFC Cloud here.
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Waste Data Analytics

Waste Data Analytics


Fully secure transmission of data from your LFC biodigester to the internet on land or ocean without issue.

  • Access data analytics remotely
  • Easy to understand summary data
  • See service schedules including when consumable items need replenishing
  • Review diagnostics, errors, and critical operational conditions
  • View history log of LFC biodigester operations


Remote Access

Access the LFC Cloud from any com­puter, tablet, or smartphone anywhere in the world.

  • LFC biodigester connects to the internet with its Ethernet port
  • LFC Cloud is accessible from a computer, tablet, or phone
  • For LFC biodigesters with NFC card reader, view data for each card or entire machine
  • Unlimited access to the LFC Cloud
  • Data retained for up to five years
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Accessible with a browser so you don’t need to install an app


Cloud-based platform

The LFC Cloud is hosted and backed on Google Cloud Services for maximum customer security.

  • Data flow comes out of the machine only
  • Secure log in: your password is not shared with Power Knot
  • You control who has access to your data
  • Monitor IP address and location of biodigesters
  • Power Knot does not download your data



  • Identify the quantity and times when waste is generated
  • Create reports to share with stakeholders
  • Permits optimization of the LFC biodigester to minimize the use of utilities
  • E-mail alerts mean you don’t need to periodically log into the LFC Cloud
  • Use NFC cards to track types and amounts of waste
  • Aggregate data for multiple machines into a single report
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