Essential service tips for maintaining your BioHiTech Digesters

May 20, 2024

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Essential service tips for maintaining your BioHiTech Digesters

If you own an Eco-Safe Digester for food waste, you are likely familiar with BioHiTech’s tumultuous history. BioHiTech America, which rebranded to Renovare Environmental in December 2021, manufactured the Eco-Safe Digester. In March 2023, Renovare announced plans to acquire Ireland-based Harp Renewables. Renovare then announced that it would be purchased through a reverse merger led by Harp and its affiliate Harp Electric Engineering. Ever since it went public in 2015, Renovare has reported consecutive net losses, including $24.3 million in 2022. It was no surprise to anyone familiar with Renovare that the deal did not go through, the company became unresponsive for all support and sales issues, and eventually closed its doors.

Eco-Safe Digester owners were not left without support during this time. During challenging times, such as manufacturer bankruptcies or unresponsive customer service, Power Knot is helping owners of the Eco-Safe Digester receive the support they need. We have a strong global network of highly competent technicians who regularly work with our digesters. When Renovare’ company filed for bankruptcy, Power Knot helped service the BioHiTech machines on both land and sea. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about BioHiTech Eco-Safe digesters and BioHiTech Revolution Series digesters and how to solve them. 

Problem: Help, my Eco-Safe 800 Digester isn’t working! I don’t know what’s wrong!

Common issues that plague the Eco-Safe Digester are door gasket issues, sensors, and effluent issues.

Check these areas on the Eco-Safe Digester to see if they are the root cause. 

Problem: My Eco-Safe 40 Digester smells bad! Why does it smell like rotting food? 

Eco-Safe Digester paddles are made with rubber and food waste is prone to catching on them. This rotting food is most likely the cause of the smell issues. Eco-Safe Digesters often come with deodorizers which help with the smell but do not solve the root cause. If there is no rotting food, your issue may lie with the efficacy of the microorganisms. Power Knot supplies microorganisms for the BioHiTech machines that are better than the original version.

Problem: My Eco-Safe 1200 Digester has a slow digestion rate! What can I do to increase the speed of which food can be digested?

Eco-Safe Digesters were designed to require microorganisms replenishment every 60 days. The microorganisms in your machine may need to be replenished. Other factors that may affect digestion rates are: water temperature, food waste temperature, and lifespan of medium. Power Knot’s consumables are also compatible with the Eco-Safe Digesters and our proprietary blend of microorganisms called Powerzyme can be used. These microorganisms need to only be replenished once a year.

Power Knot provides comprehensive service and maintenance for Eco-Safe 4, Eco-Safe 8, Eco-Safe 12, and Revolution digesters (the BioHiTech Sapling, BiHiTech Sequoia, and BioHiTech Mangrove). For assistance with your BioHiTech digester, reach out to us via email at or give us a call at +1-889-8433. Although we obviously cannot solve all of the problems with these machines, our support team is here to keep your digester operating efficiently and sustainably.