Empowering the Next Generation: Power Knot’s Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

September 18, 2023

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Empowering the Next Generation: Power Knot’s Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

This summer, Power Knot embarked on an inspiring journey to engage a diverse group of students in environmental stewardship. The aim was clear: to instill in these young minds a profound understanding of the importance of sustainability and equip them with practical experience that could shape their future careers. In partnership with PilotCity, an innovative education technology startup dedicated to empowering students to drive change in their communities, Power Knot offered a series of internships that bridged the gap between classroom knowledge and real-world environmental solutions.

It is crucial to impart the values of environmental sustainability to the students. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders, decision-makers, and custodians of our planet. The earlier students are exposed to the pressing environmental issues of our time and provided with the tools to address these challenges, the greater the chances that the next generation will actively contribute to a more sustainable future.

Michelle, a student at Wilcox High School, initially chose the internship at Power Knot due to her interest in learning how to create a professional business proposal. She, along with a few other students, worked on a three month long project in which students chose a target company, conducted research and outreach to learn how they were currently handling food waste, and proposed the best food waste solution for that company given their unique needs, facility and industry needs. 

“Power Knot has given me an incredible opportunity to envision what working in the professional world would be like,” said Michelle. “Moreover, I now understand more about the impact of global warming and food waste and am even more passionate about promoting solutions to these problems as well.”

Slide from Michelle Wu’s presentation

The culmination of the internship experience was equally impactful. Students had the chance to present their meticulously crafted project proposals to their chosen companies, receiving invaluable feedback. For many businesses, this interaction was eye-opening, bringing more sustainable practices in their operations to light.

“My internship at Power Knot not only taught me about innovative technology but also how to effectively communicate complex ideas. It was empowering to take on a real-world challenge and propose a solution that could make a positive impact,” said Sriram, a student at Washington HIgh School. “This experience has fueled my enthusiasm for environmental advocacy and shown me the potential of sustainable solutions in our communities.”

Not all Power Knot interns obtained their internships through PilotCity. Sreshta, a sophomore at American High School, reached out to Power Knot with interest in an internship the old fashioned way through cold emailing. She conducted a dual summer internship in biological research and marketing by working 3 days a week at the Power Knot headquarters in Fremont, CA. 

The LFC biodigester uses microorganisms to break down organic matter into grey water. This is called aerobic digestion as oxygen is used as part of the process. Biological processes are a critical part to the success of efficient digestion rates for the food digestion machine.

Sreshta worked with the engineering team on the prototyping and running tests on bacterial growth in water, pH control, and turbidity.

“[The engineering process] is not just about creating products and calling it a day, but it’s about the brainstorming and research that goes behind every little problem, and the time it takes to troubleshoot these issues until a final product is ready,” said Sreshta. “Realizing this would certainly help me down the road in an engineering career, but I feel like it also teaches me that life doesn’t always go in a straight line; there’s always going to be a few detours to overcome.”

By providing internships that blend education and real-world application, Power Knot hopes to not only equip students with valuable skills but also sow the seeds of lifelong dedication to environmental sustainability. The impact of these experiences will undoubtedly resonate for generations to come, as these young individuals, armed with knowledge and passion, become the driving force behind a more environmentally conscious world.