Planning your facility with a biodigester in mind

October 3, 2022

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Planning your facility with a biodigester in mind

Biodigesters are a unique food waste solution that can be used on site in your facility. A machine that turns your food waste into water almost sounds almost too good to be true. Certain requirements need to be met to make biodigester the right fit for your facility. In this blog, we discuss the business and building requirements for a biodigester to help you determine the best food waste solution for your facility.

Understand your business requirements

Is a biodigester right for me?

Although biodigesters are a great solution for food waste, they might not be the best fit for your needs. Facility managers should take into account the resources required, ROI, and environmental impact of the solution they choose.

A biodigester might be best suited for your business if it has:

  • Limited space
  • Access to water, sewage, and electricity
  • Carbon reporting requirements

Biodigesters are also perfect for businesses that want to divert food waste from the landfill, thereby reducing the amount of trash handling by waste management services. This also relieves the burden placed on janitorial staff.

If you have extra manpower, time, space, and resources, then composting might be a better solution for your business.

Understand your building requirements

What biodigester size do you need?

Your biodigester model should be centered around how much waste your facility is generating and where it’s being generated. For institutions, we estimate there is an average of 0.2 kg to 0.4 kg of food waste per meal. A business that provides food services to 200 employees in a single dining hall, an LFC-100 biodigester would be suitable.

A business that has multiple dining halls would benefit from having multiple smaller biodigester units that can handle the equivalent amount of food waste. This will reduce the amount of waste handling.

If you’re still unsure about what size would work best for you, take a biodigester for a test drive by scanning this QR code with your phone camera to see a lifesize LFC-100 biodigester in augmented reality. 

Pictured: the LFC-25 biodigester which is roughly the size of a commercial dishwasher

Where should I place my biodigester?

Most of our customers have their biodigester situated directly in their commercial kitchens. Since the biodigester is made of stainless steel, it fits right in with all the other equipment. Kitchen staff can easily segregate food waste right at the source. Some of our other customers have their biodigesters in outside sheds or trash docks where their waste is sorted.

The biodigester should be placed in an area that is not directly exposed to the elements to preserve the integrity of the LCD screen. The biodigester’s touch screen allows you to access diagnostics, graphs on usage and digestion rates, and additional information.

LCD Screen of LFC biodigester

A biodigester is an investment not just for the future, but for the environment. From correctional facilities to cruise ships, biodigesters are used in nearly any industry that generates food waste as a result of operations. They are popularly used to help reduce manual labor so that your staff can focus on their job with a peace of mind. Contact Power Knot today to take the next step in tackling your food waste.