Four ways a bin tipper benefits your company

July 5, 2022

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Four ways a bin tipper benefits your company

For organizations with large amounts of food production or food preparation, waste disposal can be a major undertaking, both time and labor intensive. It can also be filled with choices. Today’s food prep companies face a number of options for organic waste disposal, ranging from composting to anaerobic digesters to onsite biodigesters. 

Fortunately, there’s one choice that’s easy. With the addition of a bin tipper, organizations can significantly boost productivity and create a safer workplace, among other benefits.  

What is a bin tipper? 

A bin tipper is a power-operated machine that lifts and inverts garbage bins into a dumpster, biodigester, mincer, hopper, or other waste disposal container. This industrial tool allows for the easy, efficient offloading of large amounts of waste, even into high vertical chutes or other hard-to-reach areas. Bin tippers are available in a range of sizes, but can easily lift a bin weighing 150 lb (70 kg) bin on average.

Four benefits of bin tippers

While the advantages you realize will depend upon your operation’s unique needs, we believe any organization can benefit from the following four improvements. 

  1. A safer solution

A standard bin tipper is capable of lifting up to a 35-gallon garbage bin. A bin that size might hold upwards of 85 lb of waste. For facilities with heavy food preparation needs, that means someone in your organization is likely lifting 85 lb or more of trash several times each day. 

It’s that type of repetitive lifting of heavy loads that can lead to the muscle, ligament, and tendon injuries that the National Safety Council reports being among the most common causes of workplace injuries. In 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded 6,910 incidents at restaurants and other eating places resulting in sprains, strains, and tears. In food manufacturing, that rate was 5,870 reported injuries. Any step organizations can take to remove heavy lifting can help prevent these painful injuries, and potentially decrease rates of workers compensation claims as well. 

  1. Greater productivity

How much time does your staff actually spend unloading waste? It’s tempting to think not much time is spent on this essential activity. Yet an audit of time spent on waste management is likely to reveal that the minutes staff spends dumping garbage into haulers, compactors, or outdoor bins; replacing bags; and cleaning trash disposal areas adds up to a significant waste of time.

And what happens when staff are not able to dispose of garbage exactly when it’s needed? The resulting bottlenecks drag down your organization’s overall productivity.   

Ultimately this means that any solution that can eliminate these steps keeps your workflow free of delays and frees your staff up to spend time on other, potentially more value-added activities. What could your staff members accomplish with a few more minutes in their busy day? 

  1. Flexible to your needs

A battery charged bin tipper isn’t locked to a single location—or a single task. For bin tippers with dimensions that allow it to fit through standard size doorways, operations teams can maximize the number of jobs for which a single bin tipper can be used.  

Organizations find bin tippers useful for lifting all manner of materials. For example, large scale food production organizations can use bin tippers to lift heavy large-volume ingredients. This can reduce the risk of injury but can also help cut down on the potential for messy spills.

  1. Easy to maintain

There’s nothing worse than solving a problem, only to find you’ve created a new problem. However, bin tippers like the SBT Bin Tipper from Power Knot are easy to clean and maintain, adding no new demands upon your staff. 

Each SBT bin is capable of lifting 37,000 lb per battery charge, amounting to a full week of operation in between charges. Thanks to its stainless steel construction, the bin tipper can be hosed off as needed but otherwise requires little maintenance. This bin tipper can lift up to 150 lb of waste without issue. 

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