Highlights from WasteExpo 2022

May 25, 2022

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Highlights from WasteExpo 2022

WasteExpo 2022 was a whirlwind of towering trucks, thrilling technology, and businesses involved in trash. Thousands of attendees across various industries, including education, manufacturing, and food processing, joined North America’s largest waste-focused trade show which was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the West Hall.

Power Knot returned to WasteExpo 2022 as its first trade show in a post-pandemic world. The Power Knot team spent three days at the show, exploring new trends in the waste industry, participating in deep discussions, and showcasing the SBT Bin tipper, LFC-100 Flat Top biodigester, and Powerchips Green, a completely organic medium designed to speed the digestion of the food waste placed in biodigesters. Here are our highlights from each day of the show.

Day 1: A solution for every type of waste

The first day of WasteExpo 2022 was exceptionally busy as thousands of attendees eagerly poured into the exhibition floor from opening. Although the attendees and exhibitors spanned different industries, they all shared a common issue: waste. 

The SBT Bin Tipper was immensely popular among the healthcare and food service professionals as a hygienic tool to help them safely move large amounts of waste with ease.

Food waste generators were primarily attracted to the LFC-100 Flat Top biodigester which could be utilized as a workstation in addition to digesting food waste onsite. There was also excitement in the food waste digester’s ability to digest non-compostables such as dairy, meat, and fish products.

Day 2: Talk sustainably

The Food Waste Recycling Technologies for Food Waste Generators forum predominantly focused on food waste digesters. Iain Milnes, President of Power Knot, was a primary speaker in the food waste panel. During his segment, he discussed the significance of food waste and how it impacts your carbon footprint. He revealed why food waste is an issue and how it directly contributes to global warming. 

Attendees explored different organic waste solutions with Iain and learned that there was no silver bullet for food waste. At the end of the presentation, it was clear that there was an ideal solution for each unique situation. 

Facilities that have the time, resource, space and energy available should always try to compost their waste as their primary solution. For the organizations that do not have all four requirements met, there are food waste solutions such as dehydrators, grinders, or biodigesters.

Day 3: Collaboration is key

At the rate in which global warming is trending, collaboration with organizations across multiple segments is necessary in order to move towards a greener earth at a viable pace. Many international distributors stopped by the Power Knot booth with interest in becoming business partners to bring the unique Power Knot system of solutions to their respective regions. 

While the LFC biodigester is our main product, we also offer the SBT Bin Tipper and WEP Effluent pump which can be used in conjunction with the biodigester or as a standalone solution. These products are compatible with other food waste digesters.

If you’re interested in partnering with Power Knot, reach out to us here.

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