Install a Food Waste Digester in Four Simple Steps

May 5, 2021

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Install a Food Waste Digester in Four Simple Steps

When switching to a food waste digester, most businesses are afraid to take the first daunting step. A common misconception is that installing a biodigester is a lengthy, complicated process that will take up bandwidth and precious time. 

Contrary to popular belief, installing a food waste digester is very easy. Most LFC biodigesters can be installed in less than a day. Following these four simple steps to properly installing a food waste digester will ensure maximum longevity of the machine with minimal issues.

Installation (3 hours)

Installation of the LFC biodigester is usually performed by a third party contractor. This allows customers peace of mind for a simple, easy installation process rather than shift their focus away from daily operations.

Montanya Distillers, an American Craft Rum Distillery located high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, purchased and installed an LFC-50 biodigester in February 2021.

While Montanya Distillers focused on day to day operations, a third party contractor, Dave Foster from Hilltop Handiwork, installed the LFC-50 biodigester with no prior experience or knowledge about the machines. According to Dave, installation was quick and simple. Setting up the machine itself was quite easy! Done in a day.

I absolutely would recommend it to restaurants, especially those that can dump prep scraps and plate leftovers directly into the digester, said Dave. We are very impressed by how it works.

Commissioning (2 hours)

Commissioning a machine requires verification that the LFC biodigester is correctly installed, properly balanced and calibrated, that the software settings are appropriate for the installation and use of the LFC biodigester, and that the Powerzyme microorganisms are properly activated and applied to the drum of the machine. For the LFC-1000 biodigester, commissioning also involves the proper configuration and adjustments of the bin tipper.

Prior to commissioning an LFC biodigester, please ensure that the following utilities are available at the site of the machine:

  • Warm supply water 35°C~50°C (95°F~120°F) for most machines
  • Hot and cold water for LFC-25 and LFC-1000 biodigesters
  • AC power that matches the machine you ordered
  • Internet access with an active Ethernet port
  • A drain suitable for the waste water output with appropriate piping. This should be at ground level for most machines, but not necessary for the LFC-25 biodigester

Power Knot offers in person commissioning by our staff or by authorized distributors. A person with simple plumbing and mechanical skills can easily commission an LFC biodigester. We also offer online commissioning assistance. 

If you would like to commission the LFC biodigester by yourself, we have extensive documentation to aid in this process. Our staff are available by telephone to assist you at no charge if you have any questions.

Training (30-45 minutes)

Once the LFC biodigester has been properly commissioned, your staff must be trained on how to correctly use and service the machine. Training usually takes 30 minutes for operators and 45 minutes for supervisors. By the end of the training session, your staff will understand:

  • What types of waste can the machine accept
  • How to properly place waste into the machine
  • How to clean and service the machine
  • How to diagnose and resolve simple issues

Power Knot offers in person training by our staff or by authorized distributors. We also offer online training assistance and detailed training videos for each step. For online commissioning and training, connection to the LFC Cloud is mandatory so that our staff can remotely view the settings and statistics.  

Operations (15 minutes)

Once your LFC biodigester is properly installed, we highly recommend that you connect your LFC biodigester to the LFC Cloud. 

The LFC Cloud is a free service that allows you to view the statistics and data analytics of the use of your LFC biodigester. It also alerts you and your authorized service center to service schedules and any conditions that need corrective action. Training can be offered on how to connect your machine to the internet (so it automatically connects to the LFC Cloud) and how users can access the LFC Cloud and interpret the data. 

Total Time for Complete Installation (~6 hours)

Once all these steps have been completed, your LFC biodigester is all set and ready to go. You can start digesting food waste immediately and track digestion rates remotely from your phone, tablet or computer. 

Power Knot offers complimentary support and assistance for installation, service, and operations.

Switch to a food waste digester today.