The Big Apple Curbs Food Waste

July 6, 2017

NYC Food Waste Fair 2017

Brooklyn Expo Center
New York City, NY

25 July 2017  09:00 to 18:00

See the LFC Bio-Digester at the Show

Join us at NYC Food Waste Fair 2017 to see the LFC on the show floor. The LFC is an aerobic bio-digester that sits in the kitchen and eats waste food.

Our experts will be addressing issues of food, organic, and wet waste management. Let us show you how to save the environment by diverting waste from landfills through our innovative waste technologies and solutions.

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About the Show

Businesses, investors and policymakers are eager to reduce their food waste footprint, and crave information about practical, tangible, shelf-ready solutions.

By pairing an expo-style event with workshops, digital content and live demonstrations, the NYC Food Waste Fair will provide critical resources, and catalyze a growing industry.