Power Knot UK Is Launched

January 20, 2017

Better Service in the UK and Ireland

We are pleased to announce the opening of Power Knot UK based in London. We have a staff of experienced people who are fully trained in the sales, service, and support of our range of LFC products.

We can fully support deployments throughout the UK and Ireland.

Global Distribution

With our global distribution, the opening of this office allows us to support our multinational customers who want to standardize on one bio-digester for all their facilities.

Our expansion ensures that more organizations in more countries are able to reduce their carbon footprint.


Find out more about Power Knot UK by accessing the website here.

Contact Us
If you want to access our office in the UK, click here to access the website. Alternatively, please contact us by letter, e-mail, or telephone or complete the form on our contact page and we’ll get in touch with you soon.