Law in NYC to Divert Waste Food from the Landfill

February 28, 2016

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Law in NYC to Divert Waste Food from the Landfill

Proposed Law

Beginning on January 19, 2016, large-scale commercial food establishments must separate their organic waste. The law applies initially to:

  • restaurants in hotels with ≥150 rooms
  • food service vendors in arenas and stadia with ≥15,000 seats
  • food manufacturers with ≥25,000 sq ft
  • food wholesalers with ≥20,000 sq ft

The law is in effect now and the requirement for compliance begins on July 19, 2016. The law is likely to apply later to restaurants with ≥7,000 sq ft.


Amongst the alternatives, businesses covered by this proposal can arrange for collection of their waste food or process the material on site by aerobic digestion.


Using LFC biodigesters from Power Knot ensures that your business can immediately comply with the law.

The LFC biodigester is an aerobic biodigester that processes waste food at the source, sending the output as grey water down the drain. Power Knot has seven sizes of LFC biodigesters that digest from 50 lb to 4000 lb of waste food per day.

Weighing the Waste Food

A further requirement of the law is that if you use an aerobic biodigester on site, you must weigh the amount of waste food disposed of by the digester, and keep those records for three years.

The LFC biodigester automatically weighs the amount of waste food and displays the information on its touch screen. When connected to the internet, that data is sent to the LFC Cloud, and the records are kept for five years. Again, the LFC biodigester fully complies with the law.


The LFC  biodigester is rolled into place and can be installed in a few hours, diverting your organic waste from the landfill the same day.

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Press release from the Mayor
Official Notice English (PDF, 74 KB)
Official Notice, 11 languages