National Restaurant Association’s New Report on Sustainability

February 24, 2014

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National Restaurant Association’s New Report on Sustainability

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) recently released a new sustainability report that stresses restaurant initiatives in recycling, composting and food waste reduction. The report cited that in 2010 the United States generated 60 million tons of food waste, with 40 million of that going to landfills.

The NRA also shared a report done by Duke University, which reported that the biggest barriers restaurants in Durham, N.C., face in achieving zero waste is the lack of affordable composting and recycling programs. A solution great solution to these type of issues is the Liquid Food Composter from Power Knot. The machine quickly converts waste food into a grey liquid that can be diverted down sewage drains.

Surprisingly, what most businesses don’t realize are the savings you can obtain by becoming more green. With the Liquid Food Composter, the machine pays for itself within two years.

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