Food Scrap Digester Canada

Fighting waste is an ongoing problem for many industries and facilities. Companies that are in the hospitality business or feeding large groups of people are left with figuring out what to do with massive amounts of unwanted and discarded food. As it piles up every day, there is less space to put it. Dumpsters fill, flies gather, and a pungent odor of rotting food permeates the air. Adding to landfills is an unfortunate side effect of being in the food business, from Canada to the Middle East. Power Knot has the solution to this problem with our LFC-25 Biodigester. It’s a food scrap digester that transforms solid food waste into an environmentally safe liquid. Organic waste digesters are perfect for any facility or institution that has hungry people cycling in every hour of every day.

Military Bases

Thousands of hungry soldiers and civilians work and live at military bases around the world. Many of them burn thousands of calories a day and can’t get enough to eat, so their plates are always clean. Plenty of others, though, deposit the leftovers into the bin.


Three square meals a day for thousands of prisoners and support staff means plenty of food waste. Rumor is that food in prison isn’t the best, so plenty of it is making its way to the bin.

Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Care facilities don’t have massive budgets and must watch the bottom line. An organic waste digester will pay for itself in three years by eliminating the need for garbage pickup and staff to move the waste from point A to B.

Restaurants and Taverns

No matter how innovative your menu is, there are going to be critics who don’t like what you serve. Individual diners order more than three people could eat and don’t bother to take home leftovers. Restaurants operate on razor-thin margins and need to cut costs anywhere they can.

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