Learn why top marine ships choose the LFC biodigester over food waste refrigerator

Power Knot's LFC biodigesters are the premier solutions for:

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What you can expect with Power Knot

Lifetime Analytics
Quality Build
No Solid Output
MARPOL Compliant

Food Waste Refrigerators

MARPOL Compliant

See why we're different

Process food waste in situ
Energy efficient
Prevent plastics from entering water stream
Remote Monitoring
Data analytics available
Odor free

Food waste refrigerator


Environmental Impact
Labour Required

Food waste refrigerator




What to consider when choosing your food waste solution

Immediate solution

Solve your food waste problem immediately with the LFC biodigester. Don't freeze your problem for later.

Compliance with MARPOL and DOJ

How can you ensure that accidental plastic doesn't end up in the Ocean? Power Knot offers an onsite solution with safety mechanisms designed to prevent non-organics from entering your waste stream.

The data-driven improvements

How can you improve your operations with waste data? All LFC biodigesters come with free lifetime access to the LFC Cloud, our advanced data analytics program that records the amount waste ingested and reports all sensors and diagnostics in real time. The best part? You can access this data from anywhere on any smartphone,tablet, or PC

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