LFC Application Notes

Stainless Steel Is the Smart Choice for Biodigesters

Durability, good looks, and hygiene are the reasons why stainless steel is so prevalent in commercial kitchens. If you’re buying a biodigester for your kitchen, check the quality of the finish on the exposed surfaces and then look “under the hood.”

Anaerobic Digestion and Biodigesters

Should you be sending your waste food to an anaerobic digester? Probably not.
That’s the conclusion of this independent research which compared the environmental impact and costs for deploying an anaerobic digester versus LFC biodigesters for a small community.

Aerobic Composting vs. Anaerobic Composting

By composting waste materials on-site, businesses can significantly reduce the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of and thereby save money from avoided disposal costs. It may be difficult in order to figure out which type of composting process to go with. Here are some options.

How Green Are You?

What is the effect of sending waste food to the landfill? How does it compare to other activities such as installing solar energy or LED lights? Find out from this application note.