Travel and Hospitality

The hospitality industry faces increasing customer expectations for sustainable practices and reduced carbon footprint. Power Knot helps simplify and streamline waste management.

  • Increasing prices for waste management

  • Penalties for including organic waste in regular trash

  • Risk of employee injuries from lifting heavy trash bags

  • Time consuming process

Demand for Sustainability
  • Stakeholder requirement

  • Increasing expectation from customers

Compliance with Regulations
  • Environmental regulations

  • Hefty fines for non compliance

Onsite Waste Management

  • Reduce waste handling and management costs
  • Decrease use of garbage bins

Reduced Carbon Footprint

  • Divert organic waste from landfill
  • Convert food waste to water that can enrich landscapes

Immediate Cost Savings and Proven ROI

  • Payback period typically in two years or less

Case study

Case study
Mandarin Oriental reduces waste management fees with LFC biodigester
Case study
Biodigester at Hampton by Hilton Marjan Island sets environmental benchmark for Hilton Group
Case study
JW Marriott Marquis Miami implements new green initiative against food waste