Hospitals and aged care facilities face an increasing need for sustainable waste management practices to maintain sanitation standards and offload menial tasks. LFC biodigesters helps simplify onsite waste management to give time back to employees to focus on what truly matters: patient care.

Health Focus
  • Improperly stored food waste could lead to sanitation issues

  • Multiple steps for handling open a higher possibility of contamination

Resource Allocation
  • Medical profession is finding it harder to recruit staff

  • Staff are spending more time moving trash rather than doing other tasks

Onsite Waste Management And Technology

The LFC biodigester processes food waste onsite through aerobic digestion, a natural process utilizing a special mix of microorganisms, water, and oxygen. Labor requirements are reduced as waste is discarded where it is generated without additional personnel required to move it away.

Waste Analytics For Data Informed Decisions

Real-time data analytics for tracking and understanding digestion rate. Create reports for shareholder and and aggregate data for multiple machines.

Low Maintenance and Upkeep

Easy to use with minimual training required; self-running auomatic machine

Additional Expensive for Quality Service

Reduce labor costs on menial tasks

Case Studies

Case study
Toronto hospital uses biodigester to turn leftover food scraps into drain-safe grey water
Case study
Clinica Alemana perseveres through pandemic with biodigester
Case study
Marco Polo aged care services removes 50 kg of food waste per day with LFC biodigester