K-12 schools, colleges, and universities set examples and solutions for an environmentally responsible future. As dining halls reopen to accomodate students, there is a renewed focus on the environment and sustainability.

Cost Reduction
  • Rising costs of waste management

  • Continual budget cuts

  • Space allocation

  • Smells and odors

Onsite Waste Management And Technology

The LFC biodigester processes food waste onsite through aerobic digestion, a natural process utilizing a special mix of microorganisms, water, and oxygen. The food waste is converted to water that can be safely discharged to sewer lines or filtered to enrich landscape.

Alignment With Education and Sustainability Goals

  • Provide students with science opportunities in sustainability with free access to waste data analytics.
  • Divert organic waste from landfill and reduce the production of greenhouse gases.

Achieving Waste Optimization

Real-time data analytics for tracking and understanding the amount of waste and when it is created. You can even record the type of waste with 99 choices.

Offload Menial Tasks

Students take responsibility for their own waste production and learn how to reduce waste.

Case study
UNL diverts 44,000 kg of food waste from landfills
Case study
Power Knot, NOCHI Team to Foster Sustainable Food Waste Management
Case study
Florida school eliminates solid food disposal costs with 24 hr. liquid composting