Putting a Dent in Food Waste at Dent Island Lodge

July 19, 2023
Image from Dent Island Lodge

STUART ISLAND, CANADA — Dent Island Lodge, a premier all-inclusive destination located on a secluded island in the heart of British Columbia, has long been committed to preserving the beautiful nature that surrounds it. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, this premier destination and deluxe lodge offers a truly exclusive experience that can be accessed only by boat or seaplane. Dent Island Lodge offers salmon fishing, jet boat tours, and helicopter tours to showcase the untouched wilderness.

But Dent Island Lodge is more than just a luxurious getaway; it is also a steward of the environment. Mindful of the impact that waste can have on their livelihood and the tourism industry, the lodge took a proactive step in 2018 by installing an LFC biodigester. This innovative technology has since been in operation, helping Dent Island Lodge preserve the stunning nature that surrounds it and maintain its commitment to sustainable practices.

Addressing Food Waste

As a luxury lodge providing exceptional dining experiences, Dent Island Lodge faced the challenge of managing food waste generated by its two renowned restaurants. The lodge recognized that food waste can have a detrimental impact on the environment if not handled responsibly. They aimed to find a sustainable solution that would minimize their ecological footprint while maintaining the highest standards of hospitality.

Traditional waste management would not work on the island as the food waste would need to be offloaded to a boat and taken to Vancouver Island or other parts of British Columbia to a landfill. Composting would prove difficult as it would require large amounts of space and could potentially disrupt the delicate ecological system of the island. 

Image from Dent Island Lodge

To tackle the challenge of food waste, Dent Island Lodge embraced the LFC biodigester—an advanced food waste management system. The LFC biodigester utilizes a combination of microorganisms, oxygen, and water to efficiently break down organic waste into water. The lodge purchased and installed an LFC-50 biodigester in 2018 where it has since then remained in operation.

Dent Island Lodge seamlessly integrated the LFC biodigester into its daily operations. The biodigester, capable of handling 25–210 kg (55–460 lb) food waste per day, was strategically placed within the lodge’s facilities. It became an integral part of the lodge’s waste management process, ensuring that food waste was diverted from landfills and discharged as grey water.

Waste Reduction and Environmental Impact

Over the five years since its installation, the LFC biodigester at Dent Island Lodge has consistently digested increasing amounts of food waste each year, coinciding with the peak tourist season during summer. The biodigester efficiently breaks down food waste, significantly reducing the volume of waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. This reduction not only minimizes the lodge’s environmental impact but also helps mitigate greenhouse gas emissions associated with food decomposition when food waste is discarded on a landfill.

“We’re very happy with the machine,” said Justin Farr, Owner and General Manager of Dent Island Lodge.

Dent Island Lodge’s adoption of the LFC biodigester exemplifies its dedication to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. By effectively managing food waste through this innovative technology, the lodge has minimized its environmental impact, reduced costs, and enhanced its reputation as a sustainable destination. Dent Island Lodge serves as a shining example in the hospitality industry, showcasing how a commitment to sustainability can harmoniously coexist with exceptional guest experiences and the preservation of the natural world.