Power Knot Features at the Texas Restaurant Show

May 14, 2024
Power Knot Features at the Texas Restaurant Show

Texas Restaurant Show
900 E Market St,
San Antonio, TX

14-15 July 09:30 – 17:00

Booth #536

See Power Knot at our very first Texas Restaurant Show. Learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint, meet environmental and regulatory compliance, and save money.

We are looking forward to seeing our customers and partners.

Power Knot’s LFC biodigester is a fully enclosed automatic digesting machine that disposes of food waste within a 24 hour period. Once installed, you can add food waste at any time. Microroganisms turn the food waste into grey water which can be safely discharged to the sewage system.

The SBH-180 lug cart is an industrial lug cart that is used in demanding environments where stability, longevity, robustness, and reliability are critical.

Constructed of stainless steel, the SBH-180 lug cart can reliably be used in kitchens and galleys to transport a variety of products including parts, cutlery and dishes, food stuffs, and organic waste. The cart is supplied with six polypropylene bins.

The LFC biodigester comes in nine different sizes with our industry-leading technology.

Complimentary Guest Passes to the TX Restaurant Show

We have a limited number of complimentary tickets to the TX Restaurant show available. Let us know if you are interested in attending and we will reserve a spot for you.

To request a ticket for the TX restaurant show, email us at: marketing@powerknot.com

About the Texas Restaurant Show

The Texas Restaurant Show, a premier event in the foodservice industry, brings together professionals from across Texas and beyond to explore the latest trends and innovations. With a dynamic mix of exhibitors, educational sessions, and networking opportunities, it offers attendees valuable insights and resources to enhance their businesses.


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LFC biodigester family

SBH Lug Cart

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