Power Knot Presents at Heuberge EcoLogic Forum

January 8, 2024
Power Knot Presents at Heuberge EcoLogic Forum

EcoLogic Forum
Heuberge AG
Heubergstrasse 118
7235 Faithful – CH

07-10 Jan      10:00 – 17:00

Embark on a journey towards sustainable alpine tourism with Power Knot at the Heuberge Ecologic Forum! Discover cutting-edge technology and techniques as Power Knot unveils the transformative impact of the LFC biodigester and shares how this innovative solution is revolutionizing waste management for ski resorts through aerobic digestion. We share key examples showcasing how the LFC biodigester is turning waste into grey water, paving the way for eco-friendly practices in the hospitality industry.

We are looking forward to seeing our customers and partners.

Power Knot’s LFC biodigester is a fully enclosed automatic digesting machine that disposes of food waste within a 24 hour period. Once installed, you can add food waste at any time. Microroganisms turn the food waste into grey water which can be safely discharged to the sewage system.

The LFC biodigester comes in eleven different sizes with our industry-leading technology.


Join us for the second edition of the Heuberge Ecologic Forum, amidst the breathtaking Fideriser Heubergen. This forum is dedicated to crafting solutions for sustainable alpine tourism, while also fostering stronger networks and collaborations.


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