Power Knot Ocean Exhibits at the Envirotech for Shipping Forum

August 18, 2022
Power Knot Ocean Exhibits at the Envirotech for Shipping Forum

Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam
Beursplein 37
Meent 110, 3011 AA
Rotterdam, Netherlands

05  Oct     09:00 – 18:00
06  Oct      09:00 – 16:45

Power Knot
Stand #44

Meet Power Knot Ocean in the Netherlands and see the LFC biodigester, a modern food waste solution that prevents accidental plastic from entering waste streams. Learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint, meet MARPOL environmental and regulatory compliance, and save money.

We are looking forward to seeing our customers and partners.

Power Knot’s LFC biodigester is a fully enclosed automatic digesting machine that disposes of food waste within a 24 hour period. Once installed, you can add food waste at any time. Microroganisms turn the food waste into grey water which can be safely discharged to the sewage system.

Using Power Knot’s LFC biodigesters on ships ensures that organic waste can be safely disposed of with no possibility of plastics entering the ocean. With hundreds of machines deployed across cruise ships, cargo ships, FSRUs, tankers, and mega yachts, Power Knot Ocean brings seven years of experience to solving problems of organic waste on vessels while meeting MARPOL regulations.


The 2nd Envirotech for Shipping Forum is an event where ship owners, ship builders, ship management companies, ports, and service providers. The event is structure into two parts: conference and exhibition. The conference will present various industry experts to share their views and good practices on many relevant topics as well as for technology companies to showcase their cutting-edge solutions. The exhibition area will serve as a networking and direct meeting place for new suppliers to be found and new partnerships to be established.


Products at Envirotech 2022

LFC-25 biodigester

LFC-25 biodigester scaled next to a person.

LFC biodigester family

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