Power Knot Releases LFC Security Package for Correctional Facilities

August 6, 2021


Power Knot LLC, the market leader for onsite organic waste management solutions announced today that it has shipped the LFC-500 biodigester complete with the LFC Security Package to Stony Mountain Institution. The LFC Security Package helps prevent any unauthorized person from configuring, using, or otherwise tampering with the LFC biodigester.

Typical uses for the LFC Security Package include prisons and correctional institutions, multi-tenant buildings, food courts, plantations that must securely destroy organic waste, and facilities where the LFC biodigester is accessible to the general public. The LFC Security Package is available for the LFC-200, LFC-300, and LFC-500 biodigesters.

Stony Mountain Institution is a federal multi-security facility located in Stony Mountain, Manitoba, about 18 km from Winnipeg. The LFC biodigester will dispose of the waste food at the facility and is safe to position it in areas that are accessible to prisoners.

“The LFC Security Package was designed to help bring security to sustainability.” said Iain Milnes, President at Power Knot. “It is estimated that a correctional facility generates 1.2 lb (0.5 kg) of food waste per inmate per day, depending on the type of correctional facility and the type of feeding program. Our onsite food waste solution reduces the number of trucks that need to enter the facility. This helps save hauling and tipping fees while bringing a peace of mind to operations.”

The LFC Security Package includes six aspects of the LFC biodigester that have been modified to meet tamper resistance. It includes a specialized door lock, protection of the color touch screen, locking of the hose used to clean waste bins, protection of the load cells, and the use of security screws on all exposed fittings.

All LFC biodigesters are made of stainless steel with no plastics or soft metals. Multiple computers on the LFC biodigesters allow easy configuration of operating parameters and access to statistics (including the weight of food waste ingested), and diagnostics. Connection to the internet allows remote viewing of parameters and data via the LFC Cloud. All LFC biodigesters are certified to worldwide safety and environmental specifications. The LFC Security Package adds to these qualifications to ensure the integrity of the machines.

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About Power Knot

Power Knot LLC is the market leader of onsite organic waste management solutions for commercial and industrial operations that demand hygiene and durability. The LFC® biodigester digests organic waste and reduces the expense, inconvenience, mess, and carbon footprint of disposing of food waste that would otherwise be hauled to a landfill. With installations globally, Power Knot offers the most technologically advanced machines available today with eight biodigester models that process from 10 kg (20 lb) per day to 3000 kg (6600 lb) of food waste per day. Power Knot designs, develops, and manufactures its products in Silicon Valley, California.

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