Power Knot Fulfills Canadian Department of National Defense’s Order for Additional Food Waste Digesters

February 22, 2021


Power Knot LLC, the market leader for on site organic waste management solutions announced today that it has fulfilled additional orders for LFC® biodigesters to Canada’s Department of National Defence, (Le ministère de la Défense nationale, DND). Recent orders for machines add to orders shipped in 2020 and demonstrate the DND’s commitment to Power Knot’s solutions.

The Canadian government has a strong mandate to reduce carbon emissions and is pushing changes through all governmental agencies. Sending organic waste to a landfill is recognized globally as having a huge negative impact on the environment. After extensive evaluation of all alternatives, the Canadian DND settled on Power Knot’s LFC biodigesters to help combat climate change. With deployment across military bases throughout Canada, the DND now has purchased six different sizes of LFC biodigesters.

Photo by National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces

“The ongoing orders from the DND affirm that Power Knot’s food digesters are best in the market. In addition to reducing greenhouse gasses, our LFC biodigesters are improving operations and reducing costs for the Canadian military,” said Iain Milnes, President at Power Knot. “There are also added benefits of reduced manual labor and improved cleanliness which makes day to day work easier. We look forward to building on our relationship with the DND to help drive their zero food waste initiatives.”

About the LFC Biodigester

The LFC® Biodigester is a machine that digests food waste. These machines are usually installed in a commercial kitchen and reduces the expense, inconvenience, mess, and carbon footprint of disposing of food waste that would otherwise be hauled to a landfill. Power Knot has eight different sizes that digest from 20 lb (10 kg) per day to 4000 lb (1800 kg) per day of food waste. With many hundreds of installations globally, the LFC Biodigester has proven to be reliable, safe, and cost effective.

About Power Knot

Power Knot provides safe and economically sound solutions for commercial, industrial, and military customers globally seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. With installations globally, Power Knot offers the most technologically advanced machines available today and is the market leader, offering eight biodigester models that process from 25 kg (44 lb) to 1000 kg (2200 lb) of food waste per day. Power Knot designs, develops, and manufactures its products in Silicon Valley, California.