Power Knot Receives Restaurateurs’ Choice Award for Environmental Good

January 29, 2020

Power Knot LFC® biodigester recognized as next-generation technology that helps restaurants implement eco-friendly practices to achieve sustainability objectives

The award recognizes excellence and innovation in providing and utilizing next-generation technologies to achieve sustainability and eco-friendly practices in restaurant operations.


Power Knot, the market leader in products that process waste food in commercial foodservice operations, has been recognized for its contribution to managing waste food with a “Restaurateurs’ Choice Award for Environmental Good.” The award, determined by the editors of Restaurant Technology News, recognizes excellence and innovation in providing and utilizing next-generation technologies to achieve sustainability and eco-friendly practices in restaurant operations.

“It has been said that if food waste were a country, it would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases after the United States and China. In the United States alone, food waste is estimated to be between 30 to 40 percent of the total food produced annually,” said Debbie Carson, associate editor at Restaurant Technology News. “We are delighted to recognize the Power Knot LFC biodigester as a frontline technology that helps restaurants tackle this growing problem and keep waste food out of landfills.”

“We are most honored to be recognized with this important award by Restaurant Technology News,” said Iain Milnes, president of Power Knot.

“The Restaurateurs’ Choice Award for Environmental Good underscores what our growing customer base tells us every day: eliminating waste food in the kitchen has an enormous positive effect on both the environment and their brand. We look forward to introducing more restaurants and commercial kitchens to the benefits of onsite waste food recycling.”

The Power Knot LFC biodigester is a practical alternative to the traditional disposal of waste food. It uses a series of processes in which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the presence of oxygen. The LFC environment accelerates the digestion of most food products within 24 hours by using a proprietary mixture of microbes and enzymes. The output is grey water that is environmentally safe and suitable for discharge down the drain or to enrich landscapes. Almost all waste food from an industrial kitchen, including fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, bread, rice, and noodles can go into the LFC biodigester, and the machine can compost both raw and cooked foods. The process is totally green because it uses no chemicals.

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About Power Knot

Power Knot LLC markets the LFC® biodigester and SBT™ bin tipper for use in commercial kitchens and foodservice operations that demand hygiene and durability. The LFC biodigester digests waste food and reduces the expense, inconvenience, mess, and carbon footprint of disposing of waste food that would otherwise be hauled to a landfill. With installations globally, Power Knot offers the most technologically advanced machines available today and is the market leader, offering seven biodigester models that process from 25 kg (50 lb) to 1200 kg (2600 lb) of waste food per day. Power Knot designs, develops, and manufactures its products in Silicon Valley, California. For more information, visit https://www.powerknot.com.