December 4, 2019

New Orleans Culinary School Installs Latest Food Waste Equipment

by Sam Lewis

The article was originally published in Catering Insight.

The New Orleans Culinary & Hospitality Institute (NOCHI) has introduced Power Knot’s LFC biodigester.

This means that all NOCHI students will have access to the landfill waste-reducing biodigester, reducing greenhouse gases.

The biodigester can process up to 200lbs of waste daily, and so far has processed over 8 tons. This is equivalent to an emission reduction of 34 tonnes of CO2e.

NOCHI can be found in a five-story, 90,000 sq. ft. facility that teaches 500 students per year.

NOCHI executive director Leah Sarris commented: “The foodservice industry is notorious for creating food waste, which is typically collected with trash and sent to landfills. Power Knot has provided a great opportunity for us to start a very important dialogue with our students about the importance of managing both waste in general and food waste in particular. The digester has proven to be a wonderful resource as we train the next generation of culinary talent and innovation.”

Since its installation, the LFC biodigester has processed over 8 tons of food waste, representing a reduction in emissions of 34 tonnes of CO2e.

As part of its commitment to minimizing waste, NOCHI is orchestrating a waste study in all departments across the school.

“Our goal is to find areas where waste is occurring, streamline procurement, and create recipes to reduce waste whenever possible. We are always aligning our classes to cross-promote usage between different programs,” said Sarris.

“We moved the Baking & Pastry Arts breads class to align with the Culinary Arts class that focuses on sandwich-making so the Culinary Arts students can utilize the bread that is being made in-house. We are also working to align our private events and catering programs with class production to reduce waste of products made in class. Additionally, we are focusing on increased utilization of our rooftop gardens to grow herbs that will reduce packaging waste associated with purchasing from a vendor.”

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